Does My Vote Matter?


The New York Times. Election 2016
“Of the People”
Americans share their hopes, fears and frustrations in interviews from the campaign trail.
About the project: New York Times reporters interviewed people at 2016 campaign events across the country to explore what makes them passionate about politics. The interviews have been condensed from the originals.

The New York Times. “What Really Makes Us Vote? It May Be Our Parents”
The Checkup
By Perri Klass, M.D.
Nov. 7, 2016
When it comes to casting our votes, we tend to assume that showing up at the polling booth is driven by the issues at stake. But there’s some evidence to indicate that voting habits are just that, habits, shaped in part by the practices and routines of our parents when we’re still too young to vote.

“Benefits of Voting. Who Votes Matters”
Explore a variety of resources provided by this nonprofit organization to encourage voter engagement. Among the benefits mentioned is that “…..elected officials and policy makers are more likely to pay attention to communities that vote.”

The Social Studies Help Center
Public Goods and Services
A brief overview of basic questions, for example: What are public goods and services? Why do we provide them? Should goods and services be provided by government or private means?

Voting and Election Laws
A summary of Constitutional amendments and federal laws passed in the years since 1787 to ensure all Americans have the right to vote and the ability to exercise that right.

The History of U.S. Elections (1964-2016)
The history of every presidential election since 1964.
The Daily Conversation
Published on Oct 14, 2016

History of voting!
A short, OpenEd video resource by rockthevote.

Voting Rights History101
This video by the ACLU presents a short primer on the history of voting rights in the United States.

Encyclopedia article lists close ballot measure races in the nation’s largest cities, including Plano, Texas, where voters “defeated Proposition 6, a $3.5 million bond measure for historical preservation projects, by a margin of 1.16 percent, or 298 votes.”

“While We’re Young”
Why the next generation plans to vote -or doesn’t
Texas Monthly
Pamela Colloff
August 2015
Fifty years after the Voting Rights Act, why are younger Texans not voting in greater numbers?